Trouble Paying Mortgage in Vancouver BC? We Take Over Mortgage Payments. Contact Us.

Are you experiencing difficulty paying your mortgage payments in Vancouver, BC, the Lower Mainland, BC or the Fraser Valley, BC? Contact us, our Company, GVC Property Solutions Inc. (GVCPS), is a well established Real Estate Investment Company that takes over mortgage payments and the house, townhome or condo associated with the mortgage.

Regardless of the condition or size of the property and regardless of your situation, we can provide you with immediate monthly cash flow management solutions to your unmanageable or unwanted mortgage payments along with protecting your equity in your house, townhome or condo and protecting your credit.

For 25 years, we have been providing professional home buying solutions to people who are experiencing difficulty selling their property through traditional methods, people who are experiencing difficulty paying their mortgage payments each month and people who require relief from their house, townhome or condo situation for any reason.

“What Should I Do If I Am Struggling To Pay My Mortgage?”

It’s important for you to act quickly if you are experiencing Trouble Paying Mortgage payments. When unforeseen financial circumstances impact your ability to make regular mortgage payments as a result of job loss, income reduction or for other reasons, it can be an overwhelming experience leaving you feeling uncomfortable and unsure of what to do.

To increase the chance of successfully managing your financial situation through early intervention, call your mortgage lender at the first sign of financial difficulty. With early intervention, cooperation, and a well executed plan, you may be able to work with your mortgage lender to find a solution to your financial difficulties.

Clarify Your Financial Situation

In order to help your mortgage lender as well as yourself fully understand your financial situation, prepare a detailed list of your financial obligations including any credit cards, loans, household bills with the amounts owing and their due dates. Be sure to include information about your current income, savings accounts, investments, and any other assets.

Your Lender’s Tools That May Be Available To You: Trouble Paying Mortgage

  • Short-term mortgage payment deferral: Your lender may agree to pause or suspend your mortgage payments for a certain amount of time.
  • Extending the original repayment period (amortization): An extension to your original amortization period can lower your monthly mortgage payments.
  • Adding any missed payments (arrears) to the mortgage balance: Your lender may be able to add missed payments to your mortgage balance and spread them over the remaining mortgage repayment period.
  • Moving from a variable to a fixed interest rate mortgage: Converting a variable interest rate mortgage to a fixed interest rate mortgage in order to protect you from a sudden interest rate increase, should one occur.
  • Special payment arrangement: There may be a special payment arrangement unique to your particular financial situation.

Contact Us For Immediate and Professional Solutions: Trouble Paying Mortgage

If you have been searching for a Professional Real Estate Company to take over your mortgage payments and the house, townhome or condo associated with the mortgage, contact us. We provide Free Consultation to discuss the different options that are available to you to help you find a solution to your “Trouble Paying Mortgage” situation.

We help you avoid foreclosure by taking the weight of your monthly mortgage payments off of your shoulders and if necessary, we can reinstate your mortgage with your lender to bring your payments back into good standing to help. protect your equity in the property and your credit.

We understand that when you are in a difficult real estate situation, you need an immediate and professional solution. Our job is to provide you with immediate relief from your mortgage payments and the house, townhome or condo associated with the mortgage so you can move on from your real estate challenge with peace of mind.

How We Help You: Trouble Paying Mortgage

  • We take over your mortgage payments that provides you with monthly cash flow management solutions that protects your equity in the house, townhome or condo and protects your credit.
  • We take over mortgage payments and the house, townhome or condo as-is, regardless of the condition of the property without you having to spend time or money on repairs or unfinished renovations.
  • We take over mortgage payments and the house, townhome or condo regardless of your situation.
  • We do not charge any real estate commissions.
  • You can move on from your property and mortgage situation with peace of mind.

We don’t know how many months you’ve been trying to sell or have been looking for a solution to your situation. Don’t procrastinate. Don’t let your property situation become a liability or a burden. For all of your Trouble Paying Mortgage problems, contact us to find a professional and immediate solution to your situation. We have handled hundreds of purchase situations and have helped many people facilitate a non-stressful real estate transaction.

We take over mortgage payments and the property associated with the mortgage in Surrey BC, Delta BC, Coquitlam BC, Port Coquitlam BC, Port Moody BC, Vancouver BC. Burnaby BC, Richmond BC, New Westminster BC, Langley BC, Pitt Meadows BC, Abbotsford BC, Maple Ridge BC, Mission BC and Chilliwack BC.