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Get Rid of Your Tenant Problems

Even though you carefully performed your due diligence screening your new tenants with their previous landlord references, their employment references and credit checks – as an experienced landlord or a new landlord, more often than not, you will experience tenant problems. If your new tenant who you thought would be the perfect tenant turns out to be a nightmare instead, are you wondering how to get rid of your tenant problems and how to evict a tenant quickly?

If you are a landlord and haven’t faced any tenant problems, you are one of the lucky few, however and unfortunately, every landlord, experienced or not, eventually experiences tenant problems. Non-payment of rent or continual late payment of rent, excessive noise – especially late at night and breach of your tenancy agreement are the most common tenant problems landlords experience.

If you are experiencing tenant problems that you need help with, contact our Company, GVC Property Solutions Inc. Our Company offers free consultation to your tenancy problems and we have over 25 years of experience in the eviction service industry and dealing with tenant problems. Contact us today with any concerns you have regarding your tenant problems 604-812-3718 or

Other tenant problems include: unreasonably dirty premises and having too many people living in one space. When tenant problems relates directly to non-payment of rent or continual late payment of rent, you have the option of following the eviction process. When problems shift into other areas, the process becomes more challenging.

Handling Tenant Problems

It is your responsibility as a landlord to ensure avoidable problems do not occur after a property is rented. Landlords have to ensure the rental property complies with the rules and regulations for health, safety, housing and maintenance, municipal property standards and zoning bylaws, fire safety regulations and building codes. If the rental property fails to meet these standards at any point during the tenancy, the landlord must make the necessary repairs.

On the other hand, when asking your tenant to clean up and make repairs to an exceptionally dirty or damaged rental property, a simple verbal or written request (or politely worded warning) might get results. For tenant problems that violate local by-laws, landlords often call the police. In these situations, a police warning or fine may convince offending tenants or neighbours to stop breaking any noise, parking or garbage by-laws.

If initial attempts to resolve your tenant problems fail, you may need to formalize your complaint through the Residential Tenancy Branch (RTB). When the communication between you and your tenant breaks down completely, proof and witnesses will be needed to demonstrate blame and establish compensation, if in order. For example, offended neighbours or other tenants might help you support claims against noisy tenants.

Tenant Problems – What to do When Tenants Don’t Pay Their Rent

When tenants fail to pay the rent, it is important to act quickly. When this happens, you can serve your tenant with an eviction notice. You can serve this notice as soon as the tenant’s rent is late. Click the link for more information:

The Residential Tenancy Act in BC provides that a landlord may end a tenancy where the tenant is repeatedly late paying rent. Three (3) late payments are the minimum number sufficient to justify an eviction notice under these provisions.

It does not matter whether the late payments were consecutive or whether one or more rent payments have been made on time between the late payments. However, if the late payments are far apart an arbitrator may determine that, in the circumstances, the tenant cannot be said to be “repeatedly” late. A landlord who fails to act in a timely manner after the most recent late rent payment may be determined by an arbitrator to have waived reliance on this provision.

Procedures and paperwork are extremely important when dealing with tenant problems that involve cases of rent non-payment. If you have a valid reason to terminate a tenancy but make a minor mistake in the paperwork, the Tribunal in BC may not uphold the action.

Further, your tenant can submit an application to the RTB if you don’t make repairs or improvements or fail to provide services as a condition of a rent increase. Your tenant may also apply for a rent reduction if municipal taxes have been lowered or if a building service or facility is reduced or removed and you do not reduce the rent.

Emergencies and Repairs

An emergency repair is required when something in the rental property has broken and the health or safety of your tenant is in danger or the building or property is at risk until repairs can be made. By law, as the landlord you should handle and pay for emergency repairs.

At the beginning of the tenancy it is a good idea to inform the tenant that it is their responsibility to purchase content insurance. This insurance will cover damage to your tenant’s belongings resulting from a problem in the property.

In some situations, if you are not available and repairs must be performed immediately to reduce personal risk or property damage, your tenant can authorize the repair work. Repairs can also be authorized by an order from the RTB.

Solve Your Tenant Problems

You can take action to solve your tenant problems and evict your tenant if the tenant has failed to pay the rent, has caused unreasonable damage, or has bothered you or another tenant. You may also evict your tenant if you or an immediate family member (parent, son or daughter of you or your spouse only) wants to move into the property, or if you sell the rental property and the new owner or the owner’s immediate family wants to move into the property.

If you have the necessary building permits, you can end a tenancy to carry out major renovations or demolish the property. The RTB takes eviction disputes very seriously and so you must make sure you have legal reason to end the tenancy. Tenants do have the right to dispute a Notice to End Tenancy by applying for dispute resolution if they suspect the notice is not permitted by the RTB.

If you have attempted to resolve your tenant problems and perhaps provide your tenant with a second chance, but your tenant still continues to breach your tenancy agreement or the Residential Tenancy Act then speak to a tenancy law specialist at our Company for suggestions and advice regarding your tenant problems and how to evict a tenant quickly. We offer free consultation and we will explain the eviction process to you and how you can evict a tenant quickly and legally. Contact us today 604-812-3718 or

Are you Facing Tenant Problems? We Can Help

Are you Facing Tenant Problems? We Offer the Best Tenant Placement Services

Our Company, GVC Property Solutions Inc. (GVCPS) is a well-established Real Estate Investment Company that offers tenant placement services and property management services that removes all of your stress associated with Tenant Problems and being a landlord including your monthly cash flow shortage when you must pay for vacancies. 

Our Company has taken tenancy placement and property management to a new level. If you have a property that that is too stressful to manage on your own or if you are tired of being a landlord and dealing with landlord tenant disputes, paying for vacancies, tenancy issues and tenant problems, we can relieve you of your stress regarding your tenant problems and property.

Utilizing our services, our Company becomes your main tenant and you are guaranteed to receive your monthly rental payments even if the property is vacant:  For more information, contact us: Office 604-812-3718 Email: or visit our Website for more information:

Our Company knows firsthand that finding a good tenant is a time-consuming process and the consequences that come with choosing the wrong type of tenant can be very costly.  Many property owners do not have the time or experience to perform a proper background check to thoroughly screen prospective tenants.

Finding the best tenant can be offset by a property owner’s circumstance to have the property rented in a hurry. While your time to show the property, accept and review applications and do background checks may be limited, a hasty decision on your part can cost you money in the long run. If the wrong tenant moves in, you may end up losing money due to the tenant not paying rent, the tenant causing damages and other tenancy issues and tenant problems that will most likely arise if you do not choose your tenant wisely.

Evicting a tenant is also a time consuming process in BC that can take several months with the Tenancy Branch and the eviction process can cost you thousands of dollars out of pocket especially if the tenant chooses to delay and pro-long the eviction process by the tenant applying for a Dispute Resolution with the Tenancy Branch to avoid being evicted.

Our Company has 25 years of experience in tenant placement and property management services and eviction services. Over our many years in business, our Company has taken tenant placement and property management services to a new level: 

  • Our Company becomes your main tenant to the property and we re-rent the property to one of our high quality sub tenants.
  • Our Company guarantees your monthly rental payment even if the property is vacant.
  • We also are responsible for any repairs and maintenance to the property.
  • If you are interested in selling the property, we also take care of selling the property.
  • We take over the property & mortgage payments even if there are current tenants in the property that need to move out or be evicted. We take care of the eviction process.
  • Our Company provides innovative and hassle-free solutions to your property situation and eliminates all of your tenant problems and any of your other property related issues.
  • We also do not charge any fees or commissions for placing the sub-tenant in the property or selling the property.
  • We make our profit by re-renting the property at a slightly higher rent and then selling the property for a slightly higher amount than our agreed upon purchase price that we have with you.

Tenant placement services and property management services of GVCPS include:

  • Confirming a competitive rent price through research
  • Advertising and showing the property to prospective sub-tenants
  • Conducting background, employment and credit checks on prospective sub-tenants in our data base
  • All property repairs and maintenance will be performed by our Company
  • Preparing and executing necessary rental paperwork with new sub-tenants
  • Maximization of rental income
  • Marketing the property for sub-lease
  • Negotiation of lease terms
  • Signing lease documentation and addendums with new sub-tenants
  • Move-in inspection report with new sub-tenants
  • Evicting tenants

If you are fed up with Tenant Problems and if you want to leave the Tenant Placement Services process to our expertise staff at GVCPS, don’t hesitate to call us 604-812-3718 or email: We provide free consultation to discuss the different options that we can provide to your property situation. We are available 7 days per week including evenings until 7:00 pm.

Tips on Finding Good Tenants:

  1. If you can afford a possible rent loss while waiting to rent out your property, take the extra time to make the right choice of tenant.
  2. You should thoroughly research a prospective tenant before making a final decision. Getting candidates to fill in a rental application and properly screening for applicant suitability before accepting a new tenant are vital. If you accept tenants without screening and verifying their information, terminating the rental agreement may be difficult even if you discover that they provided false information.
  3. You will want to find out as much as you can legally about prospective tenants. Check their financial suitability through a credit bureau report. To access a credit report on a prospective tenant you must be a member of a credit bureau. In many areas information beyond basic financial data was previously available in a credit bureau report. However, in many areas this information is no longer being collected.
  4. There are private tenant screening services that will provide information that can be used to assess potential tenants that goes beyond the basic financial data. Such information may include rental payment habits and judicial decisions from landlords, non-profit housing corporations and collection agencies and a scoring tool.
  5. Checks for Screening Tenants
    1. Check the applicant’s credit bureau history and banking history.
    2. Confirm the applicant’s employment situation.
    3. Check the applicant’s tenancy history/evictions, if available.
    4. Check court records, if available.
    5. Check the applicant’s references and consider contacting previous landlords back two or three tenancies.

For any Tenant Placement Services and Property Management Services you require in the Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley or Squamish, BC, don’t hesitate to call our Office 604-812-3718 or email us: We provide free consultation to discuss the different options that we can provide to your property situation. We are available 7 days per week including evenings until 7:00 pm.