Take Over My Mortgage Payments? Contact Us. We Assume Mortgage Payments.

An assumable mortgage is a type of financial arrangement where an outstanding mortgage debt and it’s terms are transferred from the current mortgage holder to a new buyer. Our Company, GVCPS, is a Real Estate Investment Company that specializes in assuming mortgage payments if you are experiencing difficulty paying your mortgage payments each month or if you require relief from your house, townhome or condo for any reason, in any location of Vancouver, BC, the Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley, BC.

Do You Charge Any Fees or Commissions When You Take Over my Mortgage Payments? No, we do not charge any real estate commissions or fees when we take over your mortgage payments.

What Happens to the House, Townhome or Condo When You Take Over My Mortgage Payments?

We assume mortgage payments and the property associated with the mortgage regardless of the condition of the property.

If you need relief from unmanageable or unwanted mortgage payments, we can assume your mortgage payments and take over the property associated with your mortgage. In most cases, we take over the entire mortgage payment as well as all of your other monthly financial obligations regarding the property on your behalf that may include; property taxes, property insurance and monthly strata fees.

Talk to one of our Professional Real Estate Consultants, it is important to understand that a mortgage that has been assumed by a third party does not mean that you, the original mortgage holder, are not still responsible for the mortgage debt and the mortgage payments. You may still may be held liable for the mortgage debt and payments, which, in turn, could affect your credit rating. To avoid this, you must release your liability in writing at the time of the mortgage assumption and the lender must approve the release request by releasing you from all liabilities in regards to the mortgage loan.  Our experienced Real Estate Consultants can help you to ensure that the process is performed correctly with your mortgage lender.

  • An assumable mortgage transaction is where the lender will allow our Company to take over or “assume” your mortgage without changing any of the terms of the mortgage. An assumable mortgage allows us to assume your current principal balance, interest rate, repayment period and any other contractual terms of the mortgage.
  • When we assume mortgage payments, you are provided with immediate monthly cash flow management solutions to unmanageable or unwanted mortgage payments along with protecting any equity you may have in the property and protecting your credit. If you are in a situation where our Company assuming mortgage payments will provide you with solutions, our Real Estate Consultants will review your original mortgage documents to ensure that your mortgage debt is assumable. We will discuss assuming your mortgage debt with your mortgage lender in detail and also provide you with further support throughout the remaining assuming mortgage payment process.

Some mortgage lenders have option clauses in their mortgage contracts that expressly forbid assumptions of the mortgage, or, the mortgage contract specifies that the mortgage must be paid out on the sale of the property. If this is the case with your mortgage loan, we can still provide you with solutions to your mortgage payments. Even if your mortgage is not assumable, we still can provide solutions to your situation.

When We Assume Mortgage Payments, Our Real Estate Consultants Will Consider the Following:

  • Compare interest rates: It may make financial sense to assume the existing loan at a lower interest rate than the current rate.
  • Compare loan fees: Lenders are required to give borrowers a loan estimate, which is an estimate of closing costs which consists of all the costs associated with obtaining a mortgage.
  • Obtain a copy of the property title and copy of the mortgage agreement: We will verify if there are any other charges registered against the property and verify if the mortgage debt is truly assumable, if the mortgage debt is not assumable, we can still provide you with alternative solutions to your mortgage and property situation.

How Long Will it Take For You to Take Over My Mortgage Payments?

We know the real estate and mortgage industry. If you are facing  difficulties paying your mortgage payments each month, we can take over your mortgage payments immediately or at a later date that is more convenient with your timeline. We can assume your mortgage payments and take over the house, townhome or condo associated with the mortgage regardless of your situation.

When we assume mortgage payments, you are provided with immediate monthly cash flow management solutions to unmanageable or unwanted mortgage payments along with protecting any equity you may have in the property and protecting your credit.


If you are facing mortgage payment problems, ensure that your mortgage lender is abiding by your mortgage contract in regards to charging you late fees, penalty fees and higher interest rates on your mortgage payment arrears.

If you are experiencing mortgage payment problems, it can be an overwhelming experience, leaving you feeling uncomfortable and unsure of what to do. When unforeseen financial circumstances impact your ability to make regular mortgage payments, it’s important for you to take quick action. A wider variety of solutions will be available to you the sooner you act.

If you are having trouble making your mortgage payments each month, defaulting on your mortgage may add to the cost of various fees imposed by your mortgage lender on the amount that you already owe, depending on your mortgage contract.

Section 8 of the Federal Interest Act of Canada is intended to protect property owners against abusive lending practices, while recognizing that generally speaking, parties are entitled to freedom of contract. The prohibition against extra charges on arrears remains in place for loans secured by a mortgage.

While the Interest Act provides some protection for consumers with regard to interest and prepayment charges, banks have taken advantage of loopholes and gaps in the law to the detriment of consumers, which has resulted in an unregulated system. In 2010, the federal government’s budget included a promise to bring clarity to the subject of mortgage penalties. Despite the promises made by the federal government in the 2010 budget, still no progress has been made.

The federal Interest Act of Canada prohibits any fine, penalty or an interest rate in a mortgage that has the effect of increasing the charge on arrears higher than the mortgage rate which would apply if the borrower was in good standing.

If you are experiencing mortgage payment problems and are facing foreclosure, be sure to review the fees and charges that are being charged to your account by your mortgage lender as they may not be enforceable.

Our Company understands the stress and hassles that you face when you are experiencing unmanageable or unwanted mortgage payments, experiencing difficulty selling your house, townhome or condo through traditional methods or when you just need relief from your property situation for any reason.

When you are in a difficult real estate situation, you need an immediate and professional solution, contact us. We don’t know how many months you’ve been trying to sell or have been looking for a solution to your situation. Don’t procrastinate. Don’t let your property situation become a liability or a burden.