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If you find yourself facing financial difficulties, as a result of job loss, family income reduction, or for other reasons, it can be an overwhelming experience leaving you feeling uncomfortable and unsure of what to do.

We know the stress and hassles that you face when you need relief from your mortgage payments, when you need to sell your property but cannot sell through traditional methods or when your property has been listed with a realtor for many months and hasn’t sold.

Our Company, GVC Property Solutions Inc. (GVCPS), is a well established real estate investment Company who takes over mortgage payments and the property associated with the mortgage. We can also take over payments if your house is for sale and currently listed with a realtor.

If you are having trouble making your mortgage payments each month, contact one of our professional mortgage consultants at GVCPS to discuss your options as early as you can. We are mortgage problem solution providers in Coquitlam, BC who have been helping people who are experiencing difficulties with their mortgage payments and helping people to avoid foreclosure for 25 years. Office: 604-812-3718 or Email:

If you have already missed one or more of your mortgage payments, the longer you wait, the fewer options you will have with your lender. In most cases, your property will be repossessed by the bank through foreclosure if you do not keep your payments up to date with your lender.

By following these two steps, you can make a big difference in resolving your financial difficulties with your mortgage lender.

1) Talk to your mortgage lender

  • To increase the chance of successfully managing your financial situation through early intervention, call your lender at the first sign of financial difficulty;
  • Ask your lender about information on the options available for managing your financial situation; and
  • Keep your lender informed as your circumstances evolve.

2) Clarify your financial picture

In order to help your lender fully understand your financial situation, before meeting with them, prepare a detailed list of financial obligations including any credit cards, loans, household bills with the amounts owing and their due dates. Be sure to include information about your current income, savings accounts, investments, and any other assets.

Most lenders want to establish and maintain a positive relationship with you over the long term, and most lenders are fully trained and equipped with the tools to help you deal with any temporary financial setbacks that you may be facing.

If your mortgage lender is not willing to help you manage your financial situation, contact one of our mortgage problem solution providers in Coquitlam, BC. Our experienced mortgage consultants specialize in working out solutions with different lenders to maintain a positive relationship over the long term of the mortgage.

If you are facing Mortgage problems in Coquitlam, BC, it’s important to address your situation immediately and not procrastinate. If you have questions in regards to your mortgage payment difficulties, contact one of our mortgage problem solution providers in Coquitlam, BC to discuss what your options are to resolve or avoid mortgage payment default.

If you are behind on your mortgage payments or facing pre-foreclosure, you may still have options available to you. Often, lenders don’t want to resort to foreclosure – the process is time-consuming and this can be expensive for a lender. Depending on your situation, your lender may be open to alternative solutions rather than proceeding with the foreclosure process.

One option is to refinance your mortgage or secure a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC), which in some cases, will consolidate your entire debt and catch up your mortgage payment arrears and free up cash flow or it may be possible to bring your mortgage arrears up to date with a second mortgage.

How can our Mortgage Problem Solution Provider team in Coquitlam, BC help you?

We can help you with your mortgage payment difficulties, help you protect your equity in your property and help you protect your credit. Our professional mortgage consultants have earned a reputation for fair dealing with 25 years of experience in the mortgage industry as well as with real estate lawyers and mortgage lending institutions. We are experts in providing creative solutions in the mortgage market and we appreciate the opportunity to help you in your situation.