Do You Need Foreclosure Prevention Assistance? Get In Touch Now

Need Foreclosure Prevention Assistance? Get In Touch Now

Do You Need Help Avoiding Foreclosure?                

Have you missed payments on your mortgage loan? Is your home in foreclosure? Have you received letters from an attorney? Life happens to everyone. You’re not alone and you may have options. If you’re looking into how to avoid foreclosure on your home we can help.

Our Company, GVC Property Solutions Inc. (GVCPS) can help counsel you through the default or foreclosure process. Here are some ways we can help:

  • Help you contact your financial institution to come to a mutually agreed-upon financial arrangement.
  • Ensure that all the documents your loan or mortgage officer needs are accurately completed and up to date.

We are here to act as your advocate so this process is strictly confidential. You don’t have to face foreclosure alone.

The possibility of facing foreclosure can be terrifying. If going through foreclosure your life is in chaos but we have a solution for your foreclosure prevention. We get fair value to sell your house fast because we buy houses facing foreclosure nationwide. If you need to avoid foreclosure and sell a house we can buy your house in just days!

Foreclosure is the legal proceedings initiated by a creditor to repossess the collateral for the loan that is in default.

The creditor is the bank or the lender in the case of home foreclosures and the collateral is your home and default occurs when the homeowner misses payments on the loan for a period of time. Most foreclosures proceedings can happen without the involvement of a court of law. In the mortgage or deed of trust there will be a clause that allows the lender the right to sell the property. Therefore if the borrower is in default after sending a notice to the borrower that the terms of the mortgage or deed of trust have been violated the lender starts foreclosure proceedings.

For homeowners who are behind in their mortgage payments or who are subject to foreclosure help them prevent foreclosure GVC Property Solutions Inc. (GVCPS) provides counseling services.

Also you need to gather information on avoiding foreclosure. To help homeowners struggling to pay mortgage payments due to various reasons like reduction of income or temporary financial hardship, such as divorce, health or illness, the death of a spouse or a natural disaster there are some foreclosure prevention funds. You need to qualify to avail such funds.

You need to beware of foreclosure prevention scams. For e.g. do not discuss any loan modification procedures before carefully checking his or her credentials, reputation, and experience. Always maintain personal contact with your lender and mortgage servicer as your mortgage lender can also help you find real options to avoid foreclosure.

Selling a House Going Through Foreclosure Is Easier Than You Think!

When you get behind mortgage payments, and can’t catch up; do not look at nasty letters from banks and trustees every day. There’s a way to move on that’s stress-free and fast.

If you’re facing foreclosure you can receive free, confidential counseling from our foreclosure prevention team. To stop the foreclosure procedure prior to your home auction you can sell your home and pay off the lender.

There are two options for selling your house – the traditional way and through a short sale.

You can go through a traditional home sale transaction if your mortgage balance is less than the market value of your house. Or get in touch with us we will schedule a settlement date that is convenient for you and let you know when we will officially buy your house. Once your house is sold you receive your money fast. There are no interviewing agents or hidden commissions, no dealing with repairs. Leave it to GVCP foreclosure prevention team to handle the details.

GVCPS We Take Over Mortgage

Our Company, GVC Property Solutions Inc. (GVCPS), is a well established Real Estate Investment Company that is part of a large network of real estate professionals who specialize in creative and innovative techniques to purchase property from people who need relief from their mortgage or real estate situation for any reason but cannot sell through traditional means.

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