We Take Over Mortgage Payments and the Property. I’m Unable to Pay My Mortgage and Need Someone to Help in the Lower Mainland, BC. Contact Us.

Our Company, GVC Property Solutions Inc. is a well-established Real Estate Investment Company that offers property owners with unique solutions to their real estate difficulties as an alternative to the traditional way of selling. We take over house, townhome and condo payments as well as the property associated with the mortgage. Please contact us for Free Consultation 604-812-3718. 

We can take over your property payments and save the equity you have in the house, townhome or condo if you are about to miss your first mortgage payment or if you have already missed one or two mortgage payments or if you are currently in the pre-foreclosure stage of the legal process.

You’re not alone if you have found yourself in the stressful situation of “I’m unable to pay my mortgage and need someone to help in the Lower Mainland, BC”. According to reports, one out of every 12,700 houses in Canada is under foreclosure. The coronavirus (covid) pandemic has resulted in increased unemployment and income loss throughout the Lower Mainland, BC and the Fraser Valley, BC. If you think you’re about to miss payments on your house, townhome or condo, our Company, GVC Property Solutions Inc. can help.

What Can You Do With Your Situation “I’m Unable To Pay My Mortgage And Need Someone To Help In the Lower Mainland, BC”?

If you are confronted with “I’m unable to pay my mortgage and need someone to help in the Lower Mainland, BC” problem as a consequence of a job loss, a decrease in family income, a natural disaster such as a flood, or for any other reason, it is an overwhelming experience that leaves you feeling uneasy and confused about what to do – don’t worry, you have solutions to your circumstance:

Talk To One Of Our Mortgage Consultant at GVC Property Solutions Inc.

To deal effectively with your “I’m unable to pay my mortgage and need someone to assist in the Lower Mainland, BC” problem in its early stages, contact one of our mortgage consultants at the first hint of financial hardship and inquire about the solutions that we can provide to manage your financial situation – please contact us for Free Consultation 604-812-3718.

It is in your best interest to know ahead of time what your financial situation is in detail before meeting with one of our mortgage consultants to enable us to understand your financial status in detail. You should know your financial details of the following items:

  • Credit Cards
  • Loans
  • Household Bills and their Due dates.
  • Your Current Income
  • Savings Accounts,
  • Investments
  • Any Other Assets

GVC Property Solutions Inc: We Can help during times of your Mortgage Payment Difficulties

If you are experiencing difficulty making your mortgage payments or experiencing difficulty selling your house, townhome or condo utilizing traditional selling methods, contact us. Anyone who is experiencing “I’m unable to pay my mortgage and need someone to help in the Lower Mainland, BC” and people who need relief from their property situation for whatever reason can count on us to provide professional and discreet home selling solutions.

Along with our affiliated companies, we have been operating for 25 years buying houses, townhomes and condos that are in any condition, in any situation and in any location of Vancouver BC, the Lower Mainland BC and the Fraser Valley BC.

Call us today for Free Consultation 604-812-3718. We have handled hundreds of purchase situations that have helped many people facilitate a non-stressful real estate transaction.