I Need To Sell My House Fast – Sell To GVCPS

I Need To Sell My House Fast – Sell To GVCPS

Sometimes selling a home quickly is the best solution for your situation and you may realize – “I need to sell my house fast”.

‘Sell my house fast’ real estate home investors buy houses anywhere in Canada.  Our Company, GVC Property Solutions Inc. (GVCPS), is a well-established real estate investment Company. Our staff and business associates have extensive hands-on experience in all areas of real estate ranging from legal, financial advisors, real estate agents, mortgage advisors and financial investors to help people sell their homes quickly. People often tell us – I need to sell my house fast.

There are many reasons why people want to sell a house fast:

  1. Financial stress that requires an immediate sale of your property
  2. You have a house that is too stressful to manage
  3. Those with special circumstances – serious house damage, hoarder situation, etc.
  4. You have minimal equity but need to sell now
  5. You have a house that is too costly to maintain
  6. You are making payments on two or more properties
  7. You need an immediate and flexible sale due to a job transfer or for any other reason
  8. Homes in PRE foreclosure
  9. You want to avoid bankruptcy or a consumer proposal
  10. You are tired of being a landlord and dealing with landlord tenant disputes, tenancy issues and tenant problems
  11. Your listing has expired with your Realtor
  12. You are divorcing and need to sell
  13. You prefer not to sell through a Realtor and be inconvenienced with Realtor showings
  14. You need relief from your mortgage or property situation for any reason

We buy houses in any condition.  If your home requires extensive repairs, we are here to help. When we purchase your house as-is all that is required from you is to move all your personal items before the closing date. There are no repairs required on your part and the house can be in any condition.

How do we determine the value of the property? We will perform a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), for the property – we look at any recent appraisals for the property, comparable properties that have been sold in the neighborhood, renovations that have been completed and any repairs that are required.

When you need to sell your house fast, our staff and business associates have extensive hands-on experience in all areas of real estate. Our Company is part of a large network of professionals who specialize in creative real estate solutions for people who are experiencing difficulty making their mortgage payments each month or experiencing difficulty selling through traditional means.

Our promise is – we do not charge any real estate fees or commissions, saving you thousands of dollars. When working with us at GVC Property Solutions Inc. (GVCPS), we make a difficult situation very simple.

Some of our business associates have been doing this business for well over 35 years buying and selling residential and commercial real estate on in Vancouver, BC and surrounding areas.

When you say – I need to sell my house fast, we makes it our number one priority to reduce and eliminate that stress. We make every step of the way easy to understand that will benefit all parties involved in the transaction.

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