Meet Kristen White, A Senior Real Estate

Consultant for GVC Property Solutions Inc. (GVCPS)

I was born and raised in Peterborough, Ontario and after attending University in Toronto with an education in engineering and sciences, I decided to pursue my true passion of real estate as a career.

Since 1993, I have studied real estate; law, appraisal, finance, investment analysis, residential development, asset management, risk analysis and negotiation and dispute resolution that helped contribute over the many years to the development of our Company’s Home Buying Program.

We understand the financial stress and difficulties that you face in today’s challenging real estate market. Our Home Buying Program provides you with many alternatives to the traditional way of selling your house without charging you any real estate fees or commissions.

We have a genuine interest in real estate and we see it as a unique opportunity to provide you with immediate solutions if you are experiencing difficulty making your mortgage payments each month, experiencing difficulty selling your property through traditional means or if you just require an immediate solution to your real estate situation.

Along with our affiliated Companies, we have been operating for 25 years, buying residential properties and multi-family unit apartment buildings. Please contact us anytime with any questions that you have to discuss what solutions we can provide to your real estate situation.