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Facing Tenant Problems?

If you are a landlord, you will more likely than not experience a bad tenant situation. Common tenant problems include:

  • Tenant refuses to pay rent
  • Tenant deliberately damages the property
  • Tenant continually disturbs the neighbours
  • Problems getting the tenant out of your property due to the red tape process of the RTB 
  • Continual breach of other terms of the rental agreement by your tenant

We are a well established Real Estate Investment Company that has handled hundreds of tenant problems and evictions with the Residential Tenancy Branch over the past 25 years in Vancouver, BC, the Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley, BC. If you are experiencing tenant problems, we can help. 

A Tenancy Ends When the:

  • Tenant or landlord gives legal notice to end the tenancy
  • Landlord and tenant mutually agree to end the tenancy
  • Tenancy agreement is a sublease agreement that clearly states the subtenant will move out at the end of the term of the agreement
  • Tenancy agreement is a fixed term agreement that, prescribed by Regulation, requires the tenant will move out at the end of the fixed term
  • Tenancy agreement is frustrated by circumstances beyond the landlord or tenant’s control
  • Tenant abandons the rental unit
  • Landlord has an order of possession from the Residential Tenancy Branch

More Facts About Tenancy Disputes Include:

A dispute resolution is a formal process overseen by the Residentail Tenancy Branch (RTB) that is similar to a court proceeding. However, the hearing is presided over by an arbitrator rather than a judge.

A landlord or tenant, often has two years after the tenancy agreement ends to file a claim with the RTB. The timelines, however, are much shorter if the tenant is being evicted. 

It’s difficult to overturn an RTB decision. A dispute resolution is not appealed like a usual court case. They can be clarified or corrected, but reviews of the arbitrator’s decisions are rare. If you think there is a problem with the decision you can have a judge look at the decision through a process called “judicial review” that is expensive and time consuming. Therefore, it is important to fully prepare your case before your hearing.

To help you prepare for your dispute resolution, you can engage a lawyer who specializes in residential tenancy law. A lawyer will help gather evidence, prepare your story, and help you make your best case, before you go to your hearing.

If you require help with any tenant problem, contact us. we understand the frustration that you experience when you have tenant problems that won’t go away easily.