Tired of Being A Landlord and Dealing With Tenants?


Written by: Kristen White

Are you experiencing all the “joys” of being a landlord? Are you dealing with:

  • tenants calling you all times of the day and night to fix something?
  • continuous excuses why the tenant can’t make their monthly payment?
  • tenant mentality, Tenancy Branch inconsistencies and red tape while the tenant has not paid and continues to live in your property for free while you make the payments?
  • tenants damaging and/or vandalizing your property costing you thousands of dollars in repairs?
  • your rental property sitting vacant with mortgage payments draining your bank account?

If you are beyond frustrated with being a landlord, contact us. We will purchase your property through our Home Buying Program in as-is condition. We will take the weight of your mortgage payments off your shoulders and we do not charge any fees or real estate commissions, saving you thousands of dollars.

Call us today to provide immediate relief and peace of mind to your property and/or mortgage situation: 604-812-3718.

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