Best Mortgage Companies, Mortgage Brokers Near Me – GVCPS: Buying a property and being personally responsible for a mortgage is one of the biggest investments you'll ever make and it can also be one of the most complicated. This is why it is important that you work with the best mortgage companies that will give you professional, unbiased advice that you know you can trust. The Best Mortgage Companies operating today serve a valuable role in the real estate industry, originating and serving mortgages by providing beneficial options for prospective homeowners, those looking to refinance their mortgage and for those who are experiencing mortgage payment problems and need immediate solutions. Our Company, GVC Property Solutions Inc., (GVCPS) is a well-established real estate investment Company. We are pioneers in the mortgage industry and our team of specialized mortgage brokers offer you financial tools and expertise advice to help you understand your options to your individual mortgage needs so you can make the best possible decisions. We specialize in getting the best mortgage available for your needs when you are purchasing a property and we are here to work for you, not the banks. We also specialize in;
  • lowering your monthly payments
  • consolidating your debt
  • refinancing your property
  • providing second mortgages
  • bad credit refinance
  • reinstating your mortgage
  • helping you stop foreclosure
  • providing home equity loans, and
  • home equity lines of credit
Our Mortgage Brokers near you have access to more than 40 lenders including Canada’s largest Banks, Credit Unions, Trust Companies and private lenders.