Are You Facing Bankruptcy? There Are Bankruptcy Options Available To You and We Can Help When faced with financial problems, some people are left questioning their next move and are misled about what to do. If you find yourself facing a possible bankruptcy, it’s important that you know how bankruptcy will affect you and your family in the years to come and it is important to research all of your bankruptcy options before you declare bankruptcy.

Your Credit Rating & Bankruptcy Options in British Columbia

Bankruptcy is one of the worst things you can do to your credit rating. There is no easy way to obtain credit after you have legally eliminated your debts through bankruptcy. It takes time and patience before creditors will trust you enough to lend you money again. Not being able to take out a loan, renew your mortgage or apply for a low interest rate credit card can impact your financial plans and put your life on hold for years. It is important that you research all of the bankruptcy options that are available to you. Not all debts can be included in bankruptcy, e.g. secured debts will survive a bankruptcy because they can not be included. Unsecured debts, which some people call non secured debts, can be eliminated, however, debts that are included in a bankruptcy are not always discharged. Many people are also not aware that creditors, their bankruptcy trustee or the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy (OSB) have the option to oppose someone’s discharge from bankruptcy. If you are having trouble paying your mortgage and you are worried that you might be facing foreclosure, your mortgage lender can still foreclose regardless of whether you are bankrupt. Contact us for help right away as you will have more bankruptcy options available to you and you will avoid foreclosure if you obtain help sooner than later. We have helped many clients with bankruptcy options by helping our clients keep their equity in their property while protecting their credit from being ruined. Contact us today for free consultation to discuss the different bankruptcy options and bankruptcy foreclosure options that are available to you.604-812-3718 or

Secured Debts Not Discharged In Bankruptcy

A debt secured by a mortgage on an asset, such as your house or car, will not be discharged by bankruptcy. However, bankruptcy and secured debts complicate each other.