What Is A Strata Property?

imagesCA1ENLRRThere are half a million residential strata lots in British Columbia, commonly known as condominiums and townhomes, in addition to commercial and mixed use stratas.

A strata subdivides a property into individual units (strata lots) and common property. Each strata owner has title to their individual unit plus a proportional share of the common property.

There are approximately 29,000 strata corporations in BC operating and making decisions under the provincial Strata Property Act, a legislative framework based on democratic principles. The Act does not permit government to intervene in the affairs of a strata corporation or provide for the interpretation of the Act and Regulations.

Read more about the Strata Property Act and how it affects you if you are a strata property owner. If you have questions about your strata property, contact us: 604-812-3718.

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