FAQ’S – Grow Ops and Meth Labs

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 By: ABM Environmental Inc., Vancouver, BC

 Q: It was only a “small” grow op or meth lab for a couple of months. Is testing  necessary?

A: Even a small grow up set up for a few days can produce a toxic situation. All former grow operations regardless of size should be tested prior to occupancy.

Q: What tests are typically performed on former grow operations and meth labs?

A: There are various tests performed on former marijuana grow operations. They include testing for pesticide residues, fertilizer residues, micro testing, water potability testing and air testing for mold levels. It is not necessary to perform all of these tests in all situations. We have certified professionals on our team that can assess your situation to determine which tests are recommended. There are various tests performed on former meth labs and drug houses. They include testing for precursor chemical residues and drug residues.

Q: The grow op or meth lab was shut down years ago. Should the mold have dissipated by now?

A: Even grow operations and meth labs that have been shut down for 10 years or more can still contain toxic levels of mold. Mold does not just go away over time. The toxic effects remain until it is cleaned and remediated properly. Only testing can determine if the levels of mold are safe.

Q: Why is air testing for mold important in grow ops?

A: Air testing allows us to see beyond what is visible to the naked eye. Mold often grows in hidden areas. Air testing will also detect if mold has been remediated improperly or covered up. Often former grow ops will have new carpet laid over moldy floors or paint applied directly over moldy walls. Air testing will detect this mold and allow us to further investigate to find the source. Without air testing, these issues could go undetected and adversely affect your health.

Q: A former grow op or meth lab I want to buy or currently own was already tested by another company in the past. Does this mean the house is safe?

A: No, unfortunately some companies completing this work do improper analysis of the results so often former grow houses and meth labs that “pass” testing are still not safe and should not be occupied. We recommend you have your own testing done just like you would have your own home inspection on a home you are about to purchase.

Q: What do I receive after testing?

A: You will receive a written Environmental Testing Report, Certificate of Laboratory Analysis and clearance certificate if the tests come back as acceptable and safe for occupancy. The Testing Report document outlines the results of the sample, health risks to occupants and recommendations. The Certificate of Laboratory Analysis for air samples includes species identification and quantity.

Q: Are the test results or findings confidential?

A: Yes, the results of any testing, assessments or reports are 100% confidential. The reports and findings will not be released to anyone including government agencies without your permission first.

Contact us today if you have questions related to a grow op or meth lab problem or if you require testing your property for a former grow op or meth lab 604-812-3718.

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